Work Samples

Video Development

Video intro created using Powerpoint and Camtasia for audio and video editing. This video was turned into an augmented reality experience and can be seen in the augmented reality work samples.

This video was created using Camtasia. It was created as a way to showcase education's transformation in 2020.

eLearning Development

Articulate Rise Sample

Topic: Conflict Resolution & Critical Conversations

Click on the image or here to be taken to sample

Articulate Rise Sample

Topic: Covid-19 Return to Work Safety Procedures

Click on the image or here to be taken to sample. This sample was created alongside my MixID team in our Enterprise ID course through eLearning launch.

Think Global, Teach Local was a course created while studying at Purdue University. The focus of this course was to help educators use the Microsoft Education Community, specifically Skype in the Classroom and Buncee integrations to create global learning experiences for students. You can access the current course here and view the design document using the ADDIE framework here.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality samples were created using the Zappar designer and widget maker applications were utilized for these projects. Please use the Zappar app to enjoy the experiences created.

Visit Costa Rica

An AR experience created in Zappar designer to showcase understanding of using menus in learning and development deliverables.

business card sample

Combined programs (PowerPoint, Camtasia, and Zappar designer) to create an interactive business card and introduction.

Visit Austin

A Zappar widget experience created to showcase how to use augmented reality to introduce a new place and events to employees heading to conferences or other events in new cities.

Quiz/Branching Scenario

This experience was created using Zappar designer to create a knowledge check. In this case a trivia game, that incorporates the elements of branching.

Applying AR to learning & Development

A business case sample to showcase the benefits of adding AR to your Learning and Development kit to enhance learning experiences for employees as well as engage the companies audience.

Organization and Performance Improvement

Return to Work: Covid Protocols Samples

Alongside a team of six, I lead the development of a design document, virtual self-paced training, in-person instructor-led training slides decks, facilitator and participant guides. We developed these samples utilizing the ADDIE and Agile eLearning methodologies. Our team developed these work samples in just four weeks. You can explore the website where they are housed here.

Utilizing human performance technology methods this performance analysis, and solutions and evaluation plan were created to solve the teacher retention problem at a school campus. The name of the organization and school have all been changed to protect privacy. This evaluation and solutions plan was submitted to campus leadership. Strategies from this report were implemented to improve teacher retention on this campus.

Performance Analysis Part 1-Coral Zayas.pdf
HPT Solutions and Evaluation Plan FINAL.pdf