process & strenths 

Course Design and Instruction

Written and designed both in-person (F2F) and virtual courses for elementary and middle school STEM and social studies courses as well as professional development courses for educators through the University of San Diego. Create dynamic learning experiences for learners of all ages.  Deliver course instruction in English and Spanish. 

Supporting Talent Development

Training at the school, district, state, and national level on various topics. Lead both in-person and virtual training to support talent development. Topics ranging from bilingual education, global education, technology integration, social emotional learning, and STEM. 

Systematic Design

Create eLearning courses utilizing the ADDIE, Dick and Carey and SAM frameworks. Comfortable adapting to various frameworks to meet the needs of an organization as well as creating for LMS systems like Blackboard and Canvas. 

Instructional Interventions

Able to identify and apply instructional strategies that align with instructional goals and anticipated learning outcomes to create effective interventions to support learners of all ages. Use interactive design principles to personalize learning experiences.

Design Learning Assessments

Identify the learning processes and outcomes to be measured and ensure that assessment is aligned with instructional goals, anticipated learning outcomes, and instructional strategies.

Evaluating Instruction & Programs

Utilize the Kirkpatrick and Kirkpatrick four level evaluation framework to evaluate the effectiveness of instruction and employee training as well as larger scale projects. 

Planning and Analysis

Conduct needs and gap analysis of learning and performance challenges and then identity interventions to support staff members of the organization.

Using Technology to Solve Problems

Recognized technologist. Comfortable with Microsoft, Google, Apple and many other technology applications and can quickly identify the right tool to meet the needs of individuals, projects, teams, and organizations. 


Supported numerous projects from concept to reality,  developed boards, partnerships, programming, trained staff, web/media, and social media management. Specialized in start-up projects.


Advocate to change and improve policies in learning and development to support all learners in a more meaningful way. Focused on innovative ideas to improve learning environments and organizational performance.